Fragility can be measured; risk is not measurable. Anything that has more upside than downside from random events (or certain shocks) is antifragile; the reverse is fragile.

Retro-active explainability does not infer predicability and makes us feel like we sort of understood / predicted them.

Mythical man month is an example of non-linearity.

Non-linearity breaks obvious causality.

Technology is the result of anti fragility, exploited by risk-takers in the form of tinkering.

Fragility vs Antifragile are current properties, testable give the certain events, while risk is a future property.

“the benefits are small and visible, and the side effects potentially severe and invisible.“ messing with economy.

“Solidity”, “Robustness”, are fixed mindset. Your want something that gets stronger on impact. The fragile breaks with time.